Forefront of Mechanised Indie Missions - Phantom Brigade

By Alex Connolly 09 Apr 2016 2

A metal morsel for you weekend warriors. From the seasoned hands of Chad Jenkins and Artyom Zuev, who have the likes of Kerbal Space Program and Universe Sandbox 2 glittering on their respective CVs, comes Phantom Brigade. Though very early in development, my upright tank senses are tingling in that familiar way. 

gdc combat 07

From the official Tetragon Works site:

"The game takes place in an alternative reality setting and tells the story of a resistance force fighting the occupation of their homeland. You have walker platforms (mechs) at your disposal, which can be customized down to the smallest detail: from weapon loadouts to individual armor pieces, from paint and camouflage to performance tuning. But those powerful weapons are worthless without your pilots, so your first priority will be their protection. The same is true for your enemies, so forcing enemy pilots to eject and capturing the empty walkers will be one of the ways to expand your arsenal. Your missions will range from sabotage of enemy equipment and infiltration of the high tech facilities to the convoy ambushes and challenging outpost onslaughts. Lead the Brigade to victory, and retake your homeland!"

Tetragon Works looks be doing what we've all been pining for since SquareEnix dropped the ball by a) not officially releasing Front Mission 5: Scars of War in the West and b) allowing Front Mission Evolved to be, well, Front Mission Evolved. Phantom Brigade channels much of the nitty-gritty we'd all expect from a turn-based tactical affair, including highly-detailed unit customisation. Destructible terrain also features, and when marching a multi-tonne walker about, a twist of Silent Storm's wreck-intended sandbox is very much what the doctor ordered. 

gdc customization 01

If you've an eye for the development process -- and you should -- the Tetragon fellows are keeping an excellent blog over on Tigsource. Beyond that, if you keep your actuators oiled, I'll rustle up an interview and get a little heavy with this new gear.



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