FYI - Freeman Guerrilla Warfare has left Early Access

By Joe Robinson 07 Oct 2019 0

Back in February 2018 our sister website looked at an intriguing new game that had popped up on Steam Early Access. Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare was a new open-world RPG/Shooter that was a cross between Jagged Alliance and Mount & Blade. You were the leader of a newly formed group of mercenaries, and your job was to help liberate the local peoples from whatever it was they needed liberating from. It was all a little vague, I suspect to avoid accidentally offending any real guerrilla fighters or allegedly corrupt governments.

Still, as a concept it was fascinating, especially when you throw in the fact that not only did you have to manage, outfit and lead these freedom fighters, you also then could fight with them on the tactical maps you fought on. Brought a nice little touch of ArmA to the proceedings. The concept was never really the issue - it was the execution. When we first got hold of the initial build, it was very rough around the edges, but you could see the potential. I last played the game back in March, and while it was a bit more complete it still seemed like there was TLC needed still.

Now, officially one year and eight months since the initial EA it’s supposedly ‘ready’ for general release, which happened last Friday on October 4th. Judging by the ‘Mixed’ (56%) rating the game has on Steam, perhaps it needed more development, but Freeman is likely just another victim of the typical EA traps. Namely, that time and money are not infinite concepts and sometimes you can’t make good on all your promises.

Freeman 1

That’s not to say it’s bad, but we’re going to need to take it for a proper test to see just how much the team has managed to get done in 20 months they’ve had in Early Access. Whether this gets much more attention, who knows. Another pitfall of Early Access is that anyone who was going to buy the game early already has, and if you don’t make good on everything you said you were going to, new customers can be put off.

We’ll get you some better impressions ASAP, but the game is available to buy now for £11.39 if you’re interested. In a rare turn of events, the developers have actually uploaded a copy of the original build of the game so you can compare how things have changed across the Early Access journey.



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