Galactic Ruler has released into Steam early access

By Joe Robinson 13 Nov 2020 0

Battlegoat are one of those indie wargame studios that will probably keep chugging away at their own little corner of the hobby until they pass on to the next life. All they are known for is an ambitious, if quite aged line of grand-strategy games by the name of Supreme Ruler.

These games are similar to Paradox fare in that they offer global, multi-disciplined experiences covering economic management, politics, science and of course, military operations. Extremely rough 3D graphics and even rougher UI attempt to support some rather lofty design goals. Their first title was released in 2009 and was set in, if you would believe it, 2020 and covered the modern world.

Since then they’ve been to WW1 and back again (several times), and it’s been three years since their last entry in the series; Supreme Ruler: The Great War. Their newest entry in the series entered into early access on steam earlier this week, and it’s honestly not a direction I’d have ever have anticipated.

Galactic Ruler marks the series first foray into the realms of science fiction, sporting a procedurally generated galaxy that will feature both a tactical, planet-based layer, strategic management as well as tactical/strategy layers for individual systems. They’ve been working on it for the past two years and are now at the point where they want player feedback. They’re not expecting to remain in early access for longer than eight months.

galactic ruler early access 2

At the moment, the team have stated that the follow features are in the early access build:

  • Single Player Sandbox
  • Multi Player Sandbox
  • Full Procedural Generation of very small to very large Galaxies
  • Planet tactical strategy with Land, Air, and Naval units
  • Space tactical strategy with System and FTL-Capable units
  • Eight unique factions
  • Planetary AI
  • They’ve also stated that it’s quite early, so those looking to purchase now should be warned that it’s too soon to jump in if you’re looking for a fully functional game.

Here’s a list of things that are definitely no in the game yet:

  • Tutorial
  • Tips and Feedback to help learn UI
  • Story mode / Campaign or Storyline events
  • System and Galaxy aware AI elements
  • Steam Workshop
  • Steam Achievements
  • Planets moving around the star
  • Planets and stars as obstacles in system level

Finally, here is a list of some development priorities:

  • Improvements in Planet Governor feedback
  • Improving Game performance with large maps and large armies/fleets
  • More game UI and control feedback and tips/assistance
  • Balancing of resources and faction economics
  • Balancing of unit specs, technologies
  • More Graphics and Visual enhancements
  • Some User Interface backgrounds, buttons and other graphics
  • Improving Multi Player Stability

The Supreme Ruler games have always been the kind of titles that kind of epitomise the state of indie wargaming right now: wonderfully ambitious, but trapped with the fact that their resources and funding are limited. Galactic Ruler looks as rough and ready as all of the other ‘Ruler’ games and that’s kind of sad, considering they've been at this well over ten years now.

galactic ruler diplomacy

I’m glad they’re still knocking around though, and at least they’re trying something new with Galactic Ruler. We haven’t reached out to them yet about taking the beta for a spin, but when we do we’ll be sure to put up some more in-depth impressions when we can.

Galactic Ruler is available via Steam for £30.99 / $34.99, although it’s currently running at 25% discount.



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