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By Joe Robinson 23 Aug 2016 0

There's been a few new releases and updates In the world(s) of Warhammer this past week, so we thought we'd collect them here for you so you can see what new ways Games Workshop have devised to bankrupt each and every one of us.

Tactical Squad Expensivus

The Tactical Squad is the core unit of any Space Marine army, and Chaos Marine armies too for that matter. Since they all kind of look the same though, players have to put a lot more effort in to making them unique. But why go through all that effort yourself when Games Workshop can just monetise that need to customise?

99020187233 SalamandersTacSqd01

Forge World have announced eighteen separate variants of the Tactical Marine, covering iconic legions from Ultramarines to Space Wolves, Thousand Sons to World Eaters (for the Chaos in you). Each variant dives deep into the aesthetic of its legion, with unique shoulders, chests and helmets.

You can pre-order any one of these packs (which come with 20 figures) for the very reasonable price of £90. That's £4.50 a miniature, in case you were wondering.

Deathwatch Comes to Kill (Your Wallet)

The Deathwatch sub-faction for Space Marines has also gotten a large wave of reinforcements, from the Corvus Blackstar flyer, to Deathwatch Terminators, to the Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans.

99020109007 WatchCompany01

Admittedly, these all look gorgeous, but they will each take their toll on your finances. Beasts of War go into a little more detail on some of the figures, and you can see the full list of new items here.

How about an entire company of Deathwatch? You've got £214 lying around, right?

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

This one actually doesn't involve money at all, although the fact that Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower itself can set you back 125 EUROS is something to note, I guess.

Regardless, if you already own the game and are enjoying yourself, Games Workshop have released Version 1.1 of their Errata & FAQ document for the same. You can view/download the PDF here.

All of the new additions from the previous edition are in magenta... which is pretty much everything this time around as it's a pretty extensive update.

Pro Tip: You can only 'Wait' once per round, apparently.

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