Gary Grigsby’s War in the East is updated to version 1.08.03!

By Nik Gaukroger 07 May 2015 0

Gary Grigsby doesn’t do small games, we know that. However, it seems he also doesn’t do small updates. Matrix Games have just announced an update to War in the East and the explanatory notes run to 100 pages !!!

War in the East features command levels down to the division and brigade level across a 10 mile per hex battlefield. Players can take command in four massive campaigns with several smaller scenarios where fatigue, supply, morale and skill of your leaders play an important role in victory or defeat. You can read our original review from when the game was released here



Here is the press blurb with links to the update, etc.


“The Eastern front is like a house of cards. If the front is broken through at one point all the rest will collapse”(General Heinz Guderian)

The deadly struggle between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union is still on.

We have just launched Update 1.08.03 for Gary Grigsby’s War in the East, the most comprehensive, detailed and immersive wargame on the Eastern Front of World War 2!

Speaking about the quantity and the quality of the changes, this free update is so significant that it could be considered as an expansion.

With these additional improvements, War in the East reaches an extraordinary level of historical realism and detail.  You can admire the hard work put into this update by reading through the over 100 pages of changes, fixes and improvements!

It is a truly massive update, and now the Eastern Front is more epic than ever! It is a truly massive update, and now the Eastern Front is most immersive than ever!

Be sure to check the full list of changes here (or to die trying)

You can download the patch from here

Get more information about the game here



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