Men of War successor Gates of Hell is now a Call to Arms expansion - due out later this year

By Joe Robinson 01 Sep 2020 0

Gates of Hell is a game we’ve had on our radar for a while now. It was definitely on our ‘Most Anticipated’ list for 2019, not sure if we’d spotted it before then. A real-time tactical WW2 game, it was shaping up to be the Men of War successor we all deserved, but developed by the creators of the original engine that powered Men of War - Best Way Soft.

Something weird happened behind the scenes at the end of 2019/early 2020, and the actual developers of Gates of Hell split away from BWS. They’ve now been picked up by Digitalmindsoft - the company that made many of the later games in the Men of War series, like Men of War: Assault Squad 2.

It was hinted at back in June, but today those same developers - now officially Barbed Wire Studios - have announced that Gates of Hell will be coming later this year as an ‘expansion’ to DMS’s Call to Arms game. It’s also called Gates of Hell: Osfront, which means we get ANOTHER game set on the Eastern Front. Yay.

There’s an official announcement trailer you can watch here:

Call to Arms is a real-time tactical wargame that’s essentially Men of War but in modern times. Gates of Hell will feature 12 historical scenarios that can be played solo or co-op that stretch from June 1941 until the end of the war in May 1945. There will also be dynamic campaign systems and army customisation for both PvE and online competitive multiplayer.

DMU have been developing their engine so that you can play Call to Arms in either the traditional RTS mode, a top-down third person shooter mode and even a FPS mode, and Gates of Hell has now also been integrated with all these features. There will also be an editor with Steam Workshop support.

This dev diary explains that the team is aware that making this an expansion to Call to Arms means that players may have to purchase a game they didn’t want in the first place. Apparently they are working on the pricing so that, if you already own CtA you can buy Gates of Hell at a discount. If you don’t, they will sell a bundle that includes the base CtA game for a price that’s not too far off what you would have had to pay anyway if this had been released as a full game.

gates of hell osfront

It’s fitting that the successor of Men of War -- which has had a slightly convoluted history as a series -- is also going through a slightly convoluted road to market. Either way we can’t wait to get our hands on it, even if it is Eastern Front. There are rumours of a beta sometime this month, with an official release late this year.

Gates of Hell: Ostfront will be released (as a Call to Arms expansion) in Q4 2020.



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