GenCon 2008 Day 3

By Scott Parrino 16 Aug 2008 0

Why Do I Feel Like A Zombie?  Because I was Fighting Them All Night

While I was at Origins I had the opportunity to play a round of RisingRising bills itself as a ?Live Action Survival Horror? rather than a LARP because a lot of gamers, open minded gamers, are still not ready to dive right into live action role-playing.  This is probably a good choice and it?s more than just a change in semantics.  In Rising there is no play-acting, ?Halt! Where dost thou goeth?? Instead it?s more, ?Holy crap! They?re behind us now, too!?  A lot of my gaming buddies had heard my tales that it was a good time, but they were a bit hesitant.  However, I won them over to give it a try.  After the vendor hall closed, we headed down the street to Hooters for some dinner.  Suddenly a pitcher of beer was on the table, someone else was ordering Jack on the rocks, and I was seriously concerned we were going to be a bunch of drunken zombie food before the game even started.

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The Hooters Dress Code.

However, despite getting off to a good start and then heading to the hotel to drink some more, by 10:30 I had everyone moving back to the convention hall to watch some gaming and pick up some more friends.  We had a midnight date as zombie slayers, hosted by Zombie Buddy Productions (  The good news is that the other half of our group was stone cold sober, and in the ensuing hour and a half we the other half had sobered up enough to armor up and get ready for the game.  Describing the experience is only going to leave it lacking.  As hokey as it might sound, using boffer weapons (wrapped in thick foam padding for safety) and Nerf guns is a heck of a lot of fun against pretend zombies.  Hesitant though some were, by the time it was over, guys were thanking me for introducing them to the game.  There are some chapters forming in a few places like Chicago, so gamers might not have to wait until the next big convention to give it a try.  They can also buy the rulebook over the web.  Regardless, the game ends up kind of like a live action FPS and I simply cannot convey what a great job the folks at Zombie Buddy Productions do.  There?s even talk of a boardgame.  Keep your eyes on this one.

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Bring on the zombies!

The game wrapped up at almost 2 AM on the dot and we all headed back to the hotel for some sleep.  Today, I found out what I missed.  While we were busy drinking, sometime around 9PM some 300 zombie fans gathered together to shuffle down the street in a zombie parade.  I cannot imagine what the fine, God-fearing folk of Indianapolis thought of that sight, but it must have been something.  Still, I trade that for a midnight opportunity to do some live action zombie survival horror any day of the week.

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