GMT Games are bringing Labyrinth, COIN games and more to digital

By Joe Robinson 24 Jul 2018 0

GMT Games make some really good board wargames. From their devoloping series of counter-insurgency themed board games, to more traditional hex-and-counter and grand-strategy offerings, they've spent the last 28 years becoming a house name in table-top wargaming.

Despite being a table-top focused company, they’re no stranger to having their games ported to digital platforms: their Commands & Colors series is coming out this week thanks to HexWar games, and developer Playdek created a rather excellent adaptation of the Cold War-themed boardgame Twilight Struggle.

Twilight Struggle GMT

Last night, GMT announced a new long-term partnership with Playdek to bring even more of their titles to digital.

Playdek will be starting with Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001-?, which portrays the U.S. efforts to counter extremists’ use of terrorist tactics, as well as the wider ideological struggle – guerrilla warfare, regime change and more. It will be coming to Steam first later this year, with mobile versions due in 2019.

Also mentioned is Imperial Struggle, the 18th century-themed spiritual successor to Twilight Struggle. It hasn’t even released in physical form yet at it’s still going through GMT’s P500 process, but the digital adaption is due to appear in 2019 as well. Finally, the Playdek will be adapting GMT’s increasingly popular COIN series of war games.

No word yet on which one’s we'll be getting - my vote is on Pendragon - but the first one should also be turning up sometime next year.

“We have been very fortunate to work with the best licensors and designers in this business,” said Playdek CEO Joel Goodman in the official press release:

“Focusing on the great strategy and war game digital space makes a lot of sense for both companies. This player community is one of the most dedicated and supportive in any gaming genre. Our relationship with GMT is everything we could want in a partnership.”

It must be noted that this isn’t the first time GMT and Playdek have announced a new 'partnership' (other than Twilight Struggle). In 2012 they were supposed to bringing Command & Colors: Ancients to digital, but as we’ve established that’s now being handled by HexWar. Hopefully this new deal will fare a bit better.



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