GMT Games' Annual Sale Starts Today! At least 25% off all (most) stock

By Joe Robinson 28 Oct 2019 0

GMT are one of the bigger names in table-top/board wargaming, and are known for not only making excellent hex-and-counter games, but also more abstract and creative strategy and war games as well. With everything from SpaceCorps to Empire of the Sun under their name, this is a company that has a fairly diverse audience and yet somehow manages to cater for everyone (within reason).

They like to do a big sales event once a year, and the time has rolled round once again. Starting from today until 11:59 pm, Pacific time, Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, you can get 25% off all items (excl. Non GMT companies like Vae Victus).

If you’ve backed and received a P500 order since the last sale thru till now, you’re also eligible to get TWO in-stock items at 50% per P500 item you’ve had delivered. I was a bit irked to discover I’m not eligible for any because none of the p500 items I’ve backed have actually turned up yet.

We’d list out all the ones that grant you a 50% discount but there’s quite a few of them. We recommend you go read GMT’s October update where you can find the full list. It talks about the sale as one of the first items so you won’t have far to read.

A couple of other rules and bits and bobs when it comes to the sale.

  • For the 25% discount, you have to use the code ‘Fall201925’ at checkout in order to get the discount.
  • For the 50% discount, please use ‘Fall201950’ at the checkout. Don’t try and cheat - they’ll be able to tell if you’re eligible or not.
  • Do NOT Combine orders getting the 25% discount with new P500 orders, or even orders using the 50% discount. It’s an admin nightmare and GMT don’t deserve it. Keep 25%, 50% and P500 orders separate.
  • The discount can be applied to any GMT product that’s currently in-stock and was shipping up to September 30th, 2019.
  • The ‘Specials’ page has things that already have a discount - you can use the 25% code to get an additional discount. Discounts for Days.
  • Due to the impending Christmas rush, the following items have a cap on how many can be ordered during this period. Once that cap has been reached, it will be listed as ‘out of stock’, although this is only for practical purposes. It will be ‘in stock’ again come Christmas time:
    • All Commands & Colors Ancients Products (Base Game + Expansions)
    • C&C Napoleonics ARMY expansions (Austria, Prussia, Russia, Spain). No limit on other C&C Napoleonics products.
    • Commands & Colors Medieval
    • Paths of Glory Deluxe Edition
    • A Distant Plain, Andean Abyss, Cuba Libre

That’s pretty much everything - it’s not an overly complex sale. The trickiest thing is figuring out how many 50% discounts you’re eligible for but just log into the official website and see what you’ve ordered and cross-check it against the list.

If you’re wondering about maximising your discount, the most expensive thing GMT sell is the 3rd Print run of A World at War, which is selling for $195. I’d personally recommend the COIN war game Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain which is $95 USD.

Don’t forget to use the discount codes at checkout - if you’ve paid and not used the code, it’s too late!




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