Get seven retro wargames for under $20 at until next week

By Joe Robinson 26 May 2020 0 (or as it used to be known, Good Old Games) does a great job of living up to its name. We spotted a new bundle over the weekend that’s offering seven old-school war & simulation games for ~$18 - a 50% discount on their usual RRP.

There's a couple of old 'OG' Microprose games in here, as well as classics from other developers or publishers. All of these are now being brought back thanks to Retrosim, which is a company specialising in the handling of legacy games from publishers past and present.

The header image is from Command HQ.

The bundle is called ‘Retro War Games’ and features the following titles:

  • Gunship! (200)
  • Fleet Defender: The F-14 Tomcat Simulation (1994)
  • F-19 Stealth Fighter (1987)
  • 1942: The Pacific Air War (1993)
  • Command HQ (1989)
  • Across the Rhine (1995)
  • Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (2004)

We’d write out a summary of all the included games, but GOG have actually done a great job themselves on this blog post. It gives some basic details as to what the games are about and what makes them special.

This is specially handy if you haven’t encountered these gems before, but if you’re old hats then this is a great price to upgrade to a working digital copy, and DRM free to boot.

Let us know if you remember these games, or pick them up in the sale!



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