Watch 41 glorious minutes of Grand Tactician in action

By Joe Robinson 06 Jul 2020 1

Even though it’s based on one of the most boring and niche topics available, American Civil War-themed grand strategy wargame Grand Tactician is still one of our most anticipated releases of the year. It’s a real-time game that combines a strategic layer that can handle scenarios covering the entire war, as well as a tactical layer that will let you fight out the battles as you see fit.

There will be some political and ‘nation management’ elements, but everything is largely geared towards the mustering & logistical support of armies. There’s a lot of scope for ‘what if’ alternative-history, such as a European intervention as well as the general sandbox nature of fighting the war in the way you wanted to.

The game has officially hit ‘Beta’ and is far as we know is on track for a release later in the summer.

To mark the occasion (as well as some obscure colonial holiday on July 4th), the team have released some beta footage that focuses on the Battle of Gettysburg. Enjoy!

Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) will be released via Steam.



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