New Grand Tactician map continues the ACW game's road to 1.0

By Joe Robinson 13 Oct 2020 0

A new patch has dropped for Grand Tactician, the American Civil War strategy game we’ve been waiting for since it was announced last year. It’s had a decent, if shaky start to its early access journey.

While we still think it will (probably) evolve into the definitive ACW wargame, at the time we previewed it there were still plenty of creases to iron out. The developers have been working hard since release though to fix as much as they can, as fast as they can. Today sees the release of a new patch which provides further quality of life changes.

The main patchnotes post is here, though it is a tad confusing to parse. Many of the entries seem to be tagged for previous patches. I believe it's in chronological order however, which would make everything at the bottom of each section the most recent changes. 0.7707 is the latest patch version, at least, so everything marked with that number is new. The only points we're really not sure about is the unmarked lines.

With that in mind, the following has just been patched in to the game:

  • added order delay info on large unit panel (0.7707)
  • when engagement panel opens there is no auto-scroll any more, but player can press button to move to location (0.7707)
  • fixed issues with filters (“ALL”), leading to wrong selections in OOB after recruiting/moving units (0.7707)
  • fixed non visible ship information in CSA 1861 campaign when constructing new ships and no fleets are available (0.7707)
  • fixed: freeze when engagement panel opens and certain battlefields are loaded (0.7707)
  • added production complexity to standardization of weapons (0.7707)


  • added order delay icon on large unit panel (0.7707)
  • rebalanced fatigue system (0.7707)

These next points are also scheduled to appear in the next major patch (0.78+), though this is not an exhaustive list of everything that will be coming:

  • Order delay timer info is blurry
  • Morale balancing in campaign
  • Performance
  • Multiple campaign saves

If you’re wondering as to the general plan for the game on the road to 1.0, you can check out this Early Access roadmap they posted up.

How are you finding Grand Tactician currently as it journeys through Early Access? Let us know in the comments!



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