Hearts of Iron 4’s 1.10 ‘Collie’ patch releases today alongside the new DLC

By Joe Robinson 15 Oct 2020 0

The next DLC expansion for Hearts of Iron IV - Battle for the Bosporus - releases later today and with it comes the 1.10 ‘Collie’ patch. It’s worth stressing that this new add-on is an incredibly lean piece of DLC.

Reviving the previously toyed-with ‘Country Pack’ content, all it essentially does is add in reworked Focus Trees for Greece, Turkey & Bulgaria. Jack’s finishing up our review as I type so you can find out our full thoughts on the new content this afternoon but in the meantime let’s look into the patch notes.

While there are no major new mechanics, this patch does add in additional features for anyone who owns other DLC as well. If you own Death or Dishonor (the ‘OG’ country pack DLC) you will get reworked and tweaked Focus Trees/scenarios for Yugoslavia and Romania. Owners of Waking the Tiger will be treated to a new infantry model for those who go down the ‘Unaligned’ route for Germany.

There are a couple of other minor tweaks or fixes that only apply to other expansions as well, but the rest of the patch is free for all. The ‘Heavy Cruiser Pack', which was a piece of cosmetic DLC that came with the now-defunct Colonel Edition, has also been folded into the base game for everyone to use. In case you were wondering, it includes 7 new Heavy Cruiser 3D models:

  • France - Algérie
  • USA - Baltimore
  • UK - Exeter
  • Soviet - Kirov
  • Japan - Mogami
  • German - Prinz Eugen
  • Italy - Trieste-class

Another thing this patch adds are little tutorial videos for the various alert types that can trigger in the game. These videos are meant to try and ease the onboarding experience for new players, although it’s no tooltip-within-tooltip system like what CK3 has. Still, it’s better than nothing.

hoi4 tutorial videos

The rest of the 1.10 ‘Collie’ update deals with bug-fixes and quality of life improvements, as well as some additional modding support and new nation tags. Make sure you check out the full patch notes for more information.

As previously reported, the Hearts of Iron IV team have also been working on the next patch - 1.11 ‘Barbarossa’ - at the same time they’ve been working on this new update. At the time I wasn’t expecting a Country Pack DLC to release with Collie, but I’m still confident in my suspicion that 1.11 will release alongside another major expansion, which should finally give us the Soviet Union rework we’ve all been waiting for.

Keep an eye out for our Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus review later today! It will be releasing on PC via Steam and the Paradox Store.



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