Hearts of Iron 4 Patch 1.10 ‘Collie’ AND 1.11 ‘Barbarossa’ in the works

By Joe Robinson 04 Jun 2020 0

Hearts of Iron 4 is four years old this week, and the development team have taken a moment to share a few things; a new Patch (1.9.3), as well as a new cosmetic pack and news regarding what’s to come. Interestingly enough, the growth of Hearts of Iron 4’s player-base has been quite stable and consistent since it’s launch.

When La Resistance released earlier in the year it reached a peak of nearly 900K users, although it’s currently settled at around 750K. Dan Lind also shared some numbers on most played nations and how they compare to 2016.

Generally, the work that’s gone into focus trees and alt-history mechanics seems to have made more nations legitimately playable, which is not something that Hearts of Iron 3 could boast.

Hearts of Iron 4 1.9.3 ‘Husky’ Patch

A new patch dropped this week that mainly focused on naval-specific quality of life changes. Everything from Naval Tech costs, to how Convoys work when intercepted, to Carrier/Carrier Air unit buffs. You should check out the full patch notes for more details.

Allied Armour & Allied Speeches pack

Last year as part of the third anniversary Paradox released the Axis Armour Pack, which offered unique armour sprites for a variety of (historically) Axis nations. This year they’re actually offering two bonus packs - the Allied Armour Pack and the Allied Speeches Pack.

The armour pack is essentially the same as before, just for the Allied nations - namely the US, UK, France & Soviet Union. The speeches pack introduces 70 minutes of audio of famous speeches, and they trigger in response to specific in-game events.

Hearts of Iron 4 Next Patch

Finally, got word on what the development team is working on next. Lind mentions that they’ve been wanting to speed up the time between major content updates, and they’re making a “serious stab” at this this time by having the next two patches being developed simultaneously.

Those would be the 1.10 ‘Collie’ patch, and the 1.11 ‘Barbarossa’ patch. No further details as to what these will entail, but my money is for the first on to be a halfway-house content update of some description, with 1.11 being the big one that drops alongside a new expansion. This is likely to finally give the Soviet Union some love. It might be a red (hur hur) herring of course, but when we’ve spoken to Lind in the past he’s mentioned that they’re one of the last ‘major’ players to be given a much-needed overhaul.

By the by, ‘Collie’ was the name of a WW2 naval operation carried out in July 1945 by the British, where the main aim was to provide cover for mine-sweeping operations in advance of an invasion of the Japanese homeland. Due to the Japanese surrender after Hiroshima & Nagasaki, that invasion (Operation Zipper) was never carried out.

It’s been a while since I’ve played Hearts of Iron 4 properly, I will make time to jump back into it, maybe with some mods!

Are you still enjoying Hearts of Iron 4? Let us know in the comments!



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