A Soviet Union rework is likely after Hearts of Iron 4: La Resistance

By Joe Robinson 28 Oct 2019 0

As we’ve mentioned already, a lot of people were hoping for a Soviet Union re-work as part of the upcoming expansion. Game Director Dan Lind even mentioned during his talk at PDXCon that a lot of people were asking for it, and since the HoI 4 team is usually pretty good at reacting to player feedback one has to wonder why they didn’t decide to take a look at the USSR. It’s the last big player in WW2 that has yet to receive any significant changes since launch.

Turns out there are quite a few other things that need looking at first, Lind told us during an interview:

It’s actually part of the plan a little bit. [La Resistance] is working towards that. We were going through what we needed to do to get fighting the Soviet Union into a good state. One of them is that we had to have a more interesting resistance system, we had to have something that holds Germany back.

There are other big systems that I think we also need to tackle in order for it to be done properly - supply systems, weather, and honestly - Land War. We haven’t done any direct changes to land war for a while now. So we thought "ok let’s do France", make sure there’s a resistance system and that it works.

I've always wanted a more interactive Supply System. The HoI 3 system technically worked really well but it wasn’t fun to play with. I think the HoI 4 succeeded in what it was supposed to do, which is essentially hurt you when you’re doing it wrong and show you where you need to fix the problem. It’s not fun though - you can’t prepare anything and there’s no interaction when things go bad.

So does that mean the USSR is pretty much a shoe-in for the expansion that will come after La Resistance?

Probably. We’ll see. There’s two directions for ‘next steps’ - there’s Italy there as well as the Soviet Union. I think the player base mainly wants the Soviet. I never really decide what’s next until I’ve released the DLC and see what the players do.

I was expecting this kind of non-commitment, given how Dan probably doesn’t want to give anything away, especially as the new expansion isn’t even out yet.

Still I’d be surprised if they could delay it any longer. Italy is another valid target, but then Italy was already one of the stronger 'un-changed' factions in the game - it’s got some interesting alt-history paths (probably the most interesting vanilla focus tree), some early wars for new players to cut their teeth on and generally involves a little bit of everything. If one had to choose between the USSR and Italy, I’d say Italy could probably stand to wait.

Hopefully La Resistance appears sooner rather than later, so we don’t have long to wait for the expansion after it.



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