Hearts of Iron 4 getting a new expansion and a table-top game

By Joe Robinson 19 May 2018 0

Us being out at PDXCon this year is the reason why we had such travesties like Wargamer Weekly releasing on a Thursday... but it also means we've been able to get first look at Paradox's new announcements for this year.

We highly recommend you check out our sister site Strategy Gamer for a full breakdown of what was announced, but we'll recount some Wargamer-friendly stuff here.

First and foremost, Hearts of Iron IV is getting a new expansion called Man the Guns. The content will be naval focused, and will also being some specific love to Democratic nations. The game is also celebrating a milestone in the fact that it's sold 1 million copies - while even the dev team would admit there's still some way to go in terms of development, it's great to see the game is still selling well.

It's pretty early days for this expansion so the full feature set hasn't been decided yet (including what's going to be premium and what's in the free expansion). But here's an except from the press release:

Man the Guns adds greater depth to the naval side of the war, including the ability to design your warships in more detail. Add armor or heavier guns through a modular design. You can also refit older ships so that they are more in line with the latest technology.

In other news, Paradox make boardgames now.

I know, right? Four games based on best-selling IP's were announced at the show this year, including for Hearts of Iron. It's billed as the most 'hardcore' of the bunch, which basically means it's probably going to be a wargame, although we understand it's still quite early in development.

The game is being designed by Eagle-Gryphon games and veteran Wargame designer Glenn Drover, who you may know for Victory and Glory: Napoleon, War! Age of Imperialism or the 2002 boardgame based on Civilization.



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