Hearts of Iron 4 Dev Diaries have returned, and so has ‘Country Pack’ DLCs

By Joe Robinson 10 Sep 2020 0

The Hearts of Iron 4 team have returned from their year-long summer break and have resumed dev diaries once more. In this week’s update, we’ve been given a glimpse of what’s to come in terms of future updates and the next DLC.

Hearts of Iron 4 has sort of been following a similar model to the other grand strategy games, in that they like to do big expansions and smaller expansions. A recent example for HoI4 would be 2017’s Death or Dishonor - what they called a ‘Country Pack’ as the time.

While the idea was poo-poo’d at the time, in the years since calls for more interesting Focus Tree-like content has grown and so the idea is going to return with the next DLC. This ‘Country Pack’ is going to focus on 4-5 minor nations and mainly focus on content - giving these nations an uplift in terms of their Focus Trees and related mechanics. The first revealed nation to get an overhaul is Greece.

It’s worth noting that they’ve freelanced the work for the Greek (and other to be announced nations) to a freelancer. This allows the main team in Stockholm to continue work on the bigger updates and platform features. Work on the Greece tree actually started during the development of La Resistance, and the team hope that freelancing some content work out will allow the Focus Trees to come at a reasonable pace. If anyone is paying attention, Hearts of Iron 4 has been out since 2014 and we’re still using the launch Focus Trees for the Soviet Union and Italy.

HoI 4 greece 1936

Coming back to what they’re doing with Greece, as has become recent tradition they’ve really built up the country’s narrative along a main theme - in this case defence - and are offering different paths centred around Democratic, Fascist, Communist and even some neutral options.

The dev diary goes into a lot of detail, so you should check out the full update here.

What other minor nations would you like to see get a new Focus Tree? Let us know in the comments!




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