Hearts of Iron 4 goes 64-bit as Patch 1.7 ‘Hydra’ drops today

By Joe Robinson 04 Jun 2019 0

The long-expected 1.7 'Hydra' Patch for Hearts of Iron 4 has released today, ushering in a glorious new 64-bit era for the grand-strategy WW2 war game. Current checksum on steam should now read d12eNOTE: Patch 1.7 is not save game compatible with saves from 1.6.2 or older. Check out the official forum post with instructions on how to keep your game fixed to older versions of the game.

Apart form the move to 64-bit, this is largely a bug-fixing and quality of life update as the only new ‘feature’ to speak off is some functionality and UI improvements around frontlines. Frontlines have been reworked so that army fronts link together under army groups and playing army group only has more UI support to reduce clutter.

HoI4 1 7 hydra patch

There’s been a lot of balance tweaks around naval combat, including some to make engagements less bloody. Lots of the newly introduced naval modules have also had stat tweaks, and subs/convoy raiding have also been given a pass. Check out the full patch notes for more detail.

Don’t forget to make sure your mods are also compatible with the new update before launching a game.



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