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By Scott Parrino 02 Jul 2009 0

Paradox Interactive has just released some new screenshots from its upcoming sequel to the award-winning Hearts of Iron series of games.   To help celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, a series of screenshots has been created to show a snapshot of the US during the Second World War - all on July 4th of each of the years of the war.  Enjoy!

July 4th,1941

The US cabinet sat in office unaware that an impending attack in seven months time, on a "date which will live in infamy" would take place and push them into declaring war. 

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July 4th, 1942

With the US fully committed to military action, the huge untapped industrial capability of the United States swung into action, far out stripping the enemy's capacity to equip its own forces. 

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Among some of the new assets produced were the eagerly awaited Essex class carriers, the dependable Baltimore class cruisers, the first of the many P-51 Mustangs and Sherman tanks to roll off the production lines. 

July 4th, 1943

A year later, would see the United States military sweep across the deserts of North Africa, kicking out the remaining Axis forces.  The 15th Army Group would then be formed and prepared for the Invasion of Sicily, the first major Allied offensive on the European continent. 

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Six days later, after numerous bombing and deception operations, troops from Western and Eastern Naval Task-forces would begin to storm the beaches as Operation Husky began. 

July 4th, 1944

Another year would pass, marking the beginning of the end for the Axis powers in the west.  Operation Overlord the largest amphibious assault in history would take place in June, providing a foothold in Northern France the allies would never relinquish.   

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On July 4, the 21st Army Group would have been preparing to expand the considerable beach-head already secured. 

July 4th, 1945

With the war in the west now over, and the surrender in the east a mere month away, the United States could look back at a monumental transformation in its history.  In less than four years it had become a great superpower.  This effort was made possible mostly by the collective effort of its people, its leadership and with the great strides made in the field of technology.   

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