Heavy Tonnage – World of Warships Receives Fresh Update

By Alex Connolly 09 Jul 2016 0

Naval cannons speak very loudly indeed, or so Steamboy told me. Otomo's thin but exciting tale did feature the trademark superciliousness of the British admiralty and shore bombardment. A concept of which is now realised in World of Warships' spiffy 0.5.8 update.

Bastion lets you get all manner of Salerno in a new game mode focusing on cracking coastal facilities. It's a bit of high-tier battle spice, and teams can steam for a victory objective 1,000 points by scanning and capturing enemy fortifications while putting enough enemy tonnage beneath the waves. I've missed the satisfaction of bringing guns to bear on stationary targets, so while we'll never get another Battlestations: Anything, World of Warships more than fits the bill. 

Though currently only available on The Atlantic map, I'm sure you'll be able to get a taste of the Pacific soon enough. Lord Nelson knows, it's the perfect place for a 406mm beach party.

Speaking of new maps, Sea of Fortune and Loop make their debut. The former, a tidy little Channel proxy with good distinction between the left and right sides of the battlespace. The latter takes its cues from islands off Portugal, with a network of tight islands perfect for nimble skirting.


The most crucial update comes in the form of improved matchmaking, explained below:

  • We're completely excluding situations when opposing teams appeared to have different number of players
  • Aircraft carriers on opposing teams will continue to belong to the same tier

Battle tiers exist in every battle and provide the upper limit for the maximum tier of a ship in that battle. These "tops" or "top ships" will be subject to the following rules:

  • The maximum difference in the number of Divisions, destroyers, and battleships between each team is limited to one, while the difference in cruisers between teams is limited to two
  • The number of top ships will be strictly symmetrical for each ship type: if in a tier VIII battle, one team has two tier VIII battleships, two tier IX cruisers and one tier VIII destroyer. The other team has an identical composition

The above rule also applies to battleships belonging to a tier that's one step lower than the battle tier. For example, if in a tier VIII battle, one team has one tier VII battleship and the other team also does

  • The new matchmaker logic does not provide for any 'mixing' of ships by nation -- there could be a theoretical situation where three Japanese destroyers will encounter three U.S. destroyers
  • If it takes too long to assemble teams for a battle for whatever reason, battles may be fought between smaller teams with incomplete line up (11х11, 10х10 etc.)
  • Balancing the lowest-tier ships outside of their type is allowed. For example, a tier VIII battle could involve a tier VI destroyer against a tier VI battleship
  • Balancing two same-type ships with enemy ships of adjacent tiers is allowed if they are not at the top of the team and if they are not battleships. For example, in a tier VIII battle, a tier VI cruiser could find herself against a tier VII cruiser on the opposing team
  • Divisions may include ships of various tiers (low-tier ships are allowed to Division with high-tier ships)

Which all sounds like the seas will be a finer place for everyone, going a long way to avoid those hellish NavyFIELD pre-game sojourns we all fondly remember and loathed.

The update also addresses some grit and crunch, like enhanced armour model reduces for the Japanese and American cruisers, as well as sinking bugs and issues like a good patch should. For more information, seek port at the official site and let the delightfully dubbed Dasha Perova take you through the length and breadth of 0.5.8.



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