Here today, Guam tomorrow: HexWar bringing Saipan - Conquest of the Marianas to PC

By Dave Neumann 16 Nov 2015 0

A day at the beach

Island hopping at its finest.

History and literature have been filled with great love affairs. Romeo and Juliet, Marc Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, and, of course, Brangelina. We may need to add another to the list, HexWar and Decision Games. It's gotten to the point where I'm surprised when a new HexWar release doesn't come from the Decision Games catalog. Over the weekend we learned that this romance is continuing into 2016 with the release of Decision Games' Saipan: Conquest of the Marianas, which HexWar is shortening to, simply, Saipan.

Saipan will cover the invasion of, wait for it, Saipan (whoa!) which was the site of two airfields that the US wanted to use as launch pads for their B-29s. The island was invaded by three US divisions with only about 30,000 Japanese defenders who had no opportunity for resupply due to the heavy losses dealt to the Japanese Navy in the battle of the Phillipine Sea. Still, the 30,000 were deeply entrenched and ready to fight to the last man, making Saipan one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific Theater. HexWar's version will allow the player to play as either the US or Japanese and will include both solo play vs. AI or multiplayer via hotseat or asynchronous online. The game will use Decision Games' Fire & Movement combat system, which allows players to augment their units with support fire during each turn.

There's no exact release date for Saipan other than Q1 of 2016, but we do know that it's coming for PC/Mac as well as iPad.



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