Heroes of Normandie Action Cards Incoming on May 4th

28 Apr 2016 0

The light-hearted and fun Heroes of Normandie made a pretty great first impression when it landed on Steam last year. Overall, it was a pretty faithful port of the Devil Pig Games' tabletop version with one glaring omission: Action Cards. Without fail, whenever I'd write or hear about the game the first sound would be the lament over the lack of Action Cards. Time to stop lamenting, because the Action Cards are on their way and we won't even have to wait very long. They'll be here next week.

Heroes of Normandie is a squad-based, tactical wargame that isn't afraid to poke a little fun at itself and the genre as a whole. Underneath the levity, however, is a tight and incredibly fun game with tons of different options and scenarios to explore either through the single player campaigns or online multiplayer.

  • Three different armies (plus the French resistance) and three campaigns available from the get-go
  • Hordes of unique units, equipment and abilities for each nation.
  • Idyllic countryside, rivers, bridges, buildings, sandbags, pillboxes wheat fields and boccage are all included in the core game: Normandie is brought to life.
  • Quick battle mode with lots of pre-designed maps and pre-crafted armies to get you right into the action.
  • Quick battles can be played.
  • Innovative and light-hearted approach to strategy: action is fast paced but decisions are still interesting and meaningful.

The Action Cards will add another layer of strategy to the mix. There are 32 Allied cards and 29 German cards being released via a free update on May 4th. If you want to play around with the game now, however, you can pick it up on Steam. There is also an expansion released which introduces US Rangers to the mix which is currently available as DLC.




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