Heroes of Normandie breaks out of beta, headed for PC release in September

By Owen Faraday 06 Aug 2015 0

Over at Pocket Tactics we've been waiting... perhaps not very patiently for news about Heroes of Normandie. More accurately, we've been waiting begrudgingly for about a year and a half -- this game has taken its sweet time making its way to us. The reason for the antsiness should be evident from the screenshot above and the trailer below: Heroes has got a very unique look. It's a turn-based tactical game based on a board game of the same moniker, and it's not trying to emulate World War II as much as it's trying to capture WWII films and comics. The titular heroes are like action movie stars in the game -- everything revolves around them because they make your team better through their very presence.

The two things that grabbed me about Heroes when I played a preview build of it earlier this year were the pace of the game and the extensive customization. The rules in Heroes are designed to make gameplay quick -- you can play a multiplayer match in five or fifteen minutes, depending on the scenario complexity. Each faction in the game is also massive -- you can bring a wide variety of different units into each scenario, opening a wide berth for tactical choice in multiplayer. I dig what I've seen so far.

Heroes of Normandie will ship for PC on the 10th of September, and it'll include three faction (German, American, and British forces) along with a single-player campaign for each and online multiplayer. First-time developers Cat Rabbit Games (based on the Island of Dr Moreau, no doubt) intend to port the game to tablets at some point in the future.

Watch the trailer below.



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