Heroes of Normandie gets a "set in stone" release date of October 1st

By Owen Faraday 25 Sep 2015 0

Skeuomorphobes beware

Heroes of Normandie's release date has proved more mobile than a buttered SdKfz 251. The last predicted release for this digital conversion of the popular tabletop game of the same name was September. Italian devs Cat Rabbit sent around an announcement earlier this week that the new launch day would be 1 October -- and to back up this claim they sent me a press preview build of the game, which is indisuputably polished and release-ready. Seems like that release date has finally come to rest -- Cat Rabbit told me it's "set in stone" now. Before it had presumably been set in warm Haribo or something.

Heroes is a pretty nifty turn-based tactical title that plays like a miniatures game. There's a huge box of pieces that ships with it, letting you assemble a fighting force of WWII fire teams and vehicles, led by officers and NCOs that will be very familar: Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin caricatures can lead the Americans; for the Brits there's a dead ringer for Alec Guinness from Bridge on the River Kwai. The scenarios are quick and intense and there's a whole lot of them: there's two campaigns apiece for the US, UK, and the Germans, plus a random skirmish generator. Given the game's obvious future in selling additional army boxes and other content, there's an enormously generous helping of content in the inital set.

Heroes is shaping up to be one of the year's standout games -- you can expect a review from one of our crew pretty soon after release. Watch the trailer below, and you can keep an eye on the game's Steam page and publisher product page



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