Heroes of Normandie gets editor and some new DLC

By Dylan Love 16 Dec 2015 0

Already a successful cardboard game in its own right, Heroes of Normandie got the digital treatment for computer screens two months ago by Cat Rabbit, and the first downloadable content for the already content-rich game is here.

The game provided players at the outset with several campaigns, a variety of multiplayer maps for local and online play, rogue mode, and skirmish mode. Offerings are about to expand exponentially, however, by unveiling a map/scenario editor that lets players create their very own missions using a no-brains-required editor tool. You can create original scenarios and play them in solo and multiplayer modes without knowing so much as a lick of computer code. Publisher Slitherine emphasizes that all that is needed to unleash the full potential of this scenario editor is good ol’ creativity.

Furthermore, the new DLC will make the US Rangers and a character named “Captain Pepper” available for play. All this is yours for $1.99 starting today. Scintillating!

Check out this video highlighting both the editor and screaming guitars.



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