HexWar bringing Tank Battle: Pacific to Mac/iPad this Christmas Eve

By Dave Neumann 16 Dec 2015 0

Last we heard from HexWar, they were well on their way to winning the Most Releases of the Month award with two caveats. First, that award doesn’t actually exist and, secondly, we just heard that their release expected for tonight, IWO, might have hit some Apple review roadblocks. Not daunted, they still have two other releases planned for December with the first being a new version of their Tank Battle series, this time in the Pacific theater.

The Pacific theater of WW2 wasn’t exactly known for its tank battles, which usually conjures up visions of battles along the Eastern and Western fronts as well as the sands of North Africa. Tank Battle: Pacific looks at conflicts between the Chinese and Japanese in the 1930’s where Russian T26 and German Panzer I tanks were used. The Japanese also battled the Soviets in 1939 and 1945, and also met the French (using WW1 tanks) in Vietnam. Add to that the US conflict in which dozens of tank engagements with the Japanese occurred. Tank Battle: Pacific covers all of this with 15 different missions including a sixteenth “bonus” mission between the Chinese and Japanese. Like all HexWar games, you can choose to play through the missions as either side, which means you can play as the Japanese, Chinese, US, or French depending on the current mission. There is also IAP available at launch that will unlock a campaign between the Japanese and British Commonwealth or a 5 mission campaign between the Soviets and Japan.

Tank Battle: Pacific sports over 120 different units from LCVPs and LCTs all the way to Japan’s anti-tank suicide teams, the Nikuhaku. The game sports the same hi-res graphics from the other Tank Battle games, and offers combat analysis, flank attacks, multi-level hills, minesweepers, and more.

Like Santa, you can expect Tank Battle: Pacific to land on Christmas Eve. In a very un-HexWar-like fasion, we actually have a trailer for this one.

A version of this article appeared at Pocket Tactics.



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