HexWar brings the Battle of Shiloh to life in Civil War: Bloody April

06 May 2016 0

April around Mt. Hexmap is a cold, rainy place and it might be the only month in which we're happy that Owen built the Writers' Dungeon sans windows. As bad as our April is, HexWar would like to remind everyone that it could be worse. Back in 1862 is was called Bloody April, and I'm guessing everyone involved would have preferred damp and gray to the warm and bloody month they received. Today, HexWar released their latest, Civil War: Bloody April, which focuses on that dreadful April and the Battle of Shiloh.

Bloody April is another game from Decision Games, this one an old SPI title from Richard Berg and part of the Great Battles of the American Civil War series. Focusing on southern Tennessee and the events of April 6-7, 1862 when Confederates under Johnston launched a surprise attack against Grant but were eventually forced from the field after Grant was reinforced by Buell. The HexWar title puts you in the shoes of the Confederates or Union side, and has three different difficulty levels of AI for solo play. The two days are broken up into 11 separate scenarios, each with their own unique objective. If you've played any of HexWar's Civil War games in the past (and they can be quite good), you know what to expect here, and considering it's only $2 for iOS Universal or $5 for Mac it's quite a steal.

A version of this story originally appeared at Pocket Tactics.



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