HexWar.net brings several Decision and SPI wargames to PC, gets new launcher and 14-day free trial

30 Mar 2016 0

It's not a secret that HexWar and Decision Games have had a good working relationship for quite awhile now. Over the past couple years, HexWar has been porting several Decision Games' tabletop designs to Mac and iOS, titles like IWO: Bloodbath in the Bonins and Rebels & Redcoats. This relationship began far before the iPad even existed, however, with something called HexWar.net.

HexWar.net is an online portal created by HexWar to bring many of Decision Games and SPI's old titles to your PC/Mac. There are currently 32 games on the service, broken into eight different game systems. In the Napoleon at War system, for example, you can find games like Austerlitz: Battle of Three Emperors, Borodino, and The Battle of Nations: The Encirclement at Leipzig. The other game systems cover eras such as the American Civil War, WW2 Eastern Front, WW2 Pacific, and more.

Downloading the client is free, and games are complete with rules enforcement and either online or hotseat play. You can play Napoleon at Waterloo as much as you want, and the first two turns of any other game on the service for free. If you want to play complete games of anything but Napoleon at Waterloo, you'll need to setup an account and start paying HexWar $10/month. There's an option to pay for 12 months up front, which lowers the price to $8.33/month.

HexWar.net has been around in one iteration or another since 2003, but just in the past couple months HexWar has created a new launcher and has also enabled a 14-day free pass when you sign up, allowing you to play any games on the service gratis for the first two weeks. 

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