HexWar new release and Steam Greenlight news

By Nik Gaukroger 15 May 2015 0

Some more news for you out of Scottish games company HexWar – a new iPhone release and a game on Steam Greenlight looking for your support.


First up is that as flagged earlier this week their iPhone version of Decision Games' Rebels & Redcoats now available on iPhone in addition to the previously available iPad and Mac versions.

Rebels & Redcoats recreates the pivotal battles of the American War of Independence and allows you to play as either the American colonies or the British Empire through 10 historical battles.



Secondly, in case you had not seen, HexWar has a game on Steam Greenlight looking for support so that they can sell it through the Steam channel. Game in question is Tank Battle: Normandy which, unsurprisingly, is all about D-Day.

The game has a whole series different campaigns to offer.

British campaigns:

  • 8 Mission ‘First Strike’ tutorial campaign introducing off-screen bombardment and landing craft. Includes a full-scale mission.
  • 6 Mission ‘Assault’ Campaign.
  • 8 Mission 'Pursuit' Campaign.


American campaigns:

  • 4 Mission ‘Invasion’ Campaign.
  • 8 Mission 'Breakout' Campaign.


And finally a German campaign:

  • 5 Mission ‘Counterattack’ Campaign.




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