HexWar opens beta signups for 1775:Rebellion and The Great War, also bringing older titles to PC

01 Mar 2016 0

One of my most played board games since Christmas is the American Revolution euro/wargame hybrid, 1775: Rebellion from Academy Games. I absolutely love this game, and playing it with four players in teams of two is sheer delight. We’ve known since November that HexWar was bringing it to digital, but information since the announcement has been scarce. Another game announced by HexWar around that time was The Great War, Richard Borg’s latest Commands & Colors game set in World War I. Like 1775, news hasn’t been forthcoming. That might be changing soon, as both games will be entering beta soon with signups starting yesterday.

The betas for both games will be starting in “the next couple months” and will initially be for the PC/Mac version of the games on Steam. If you want to sign up for 1775: Rebellion, go here. If you’re interested in The Great War, head this way.

That’s not the only news from HexWar. In about two hours their new engine will be going live, bringing their previous games that were only built for Mac and iOS to PC via Steam. Getting them to run on PC was only the first step, eventually the engine will support cross-platform online play as well. The first title is Tank Battle: 1944. The game has over 90 DLC missions, but all of them are included in the $10 price tag when it goes live on Steam in a couple hours. The next game to get the PC treatment will be Civil War: 1863, but there’s no solid release date for that one yet.

A version of this story originally appeared on Pocket Tactics.

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