HexWar puts many of its iOS Tank Battle games on sale through the weekend

22 Apr 2016 0

One of the board game ports I'm way too excited to get on my iPad is 1775: Rebellion from Academy Games and HexWar. I'm excited enough that I annoy the HexWardians about it whenever the urge to play 1775 strikes me. This happens more than you'd think. They haven't stopped taking my calls completely, yet, even though news on that title is seldom forthcoming. Luckily, we usually have other stuff to talk about like this weekend's sale on all of their Tank Battle games. Through Sunday all their iOS Tank Battle games are 50% off. 

The sale covers most of the iOS titles in HexWar's stable with Tank Battle in the title. it doesn't include "Gold" versions such as Tank Battle: North Africa Gold, but it does include the standard titles like Tank Battle: Pacific, Tank Battle: Normandy, Tank Battle: Blitzkrieg, all five of the Tank Battle: East Front titles, and the stalwart Tank Battle: 1944. All the games feature multiple campaigns with the ability to play as either side in each of the scenarios. You can also play multiplayer via pass-and-play. Considering that HexWar is starting to port their games to Steam with a new engine, there's a chance that online multiplayer will become a thing in the future as well. If that's your bag, now's your chance to pick up the titles you want for a song.

The sale only goes through Sunday, so if you're on the fence you'd better climb down quick.

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