HexWar releases latest title, Civil War: 1861, for Mac and iOS

24 Mar 2016 0

It's been awhile since we've heard from our friends at HexWar, hopefully because they're putting the finishing touches on 1775: Rebellion and want to surprise us. We can hope all we want about what's going on behind the scenes, but HexWar is also busy on this side of the curtain. Today they released the latest game in their Civil War series, Civil War: 1861.

As you can probably gather from the title, 1861 tackles the early battles of the Civil War starting with Big Bethel and moving onto conflicts at Bull Run and Wilson's Creek. These conflicts were characterized by their unseasoned troops and the use of antiquated Napoleon-era weaponry such as muzzle-loading, smoothbore artillery. 

As with most HexWar titles, there are multiple solo player campaigns, including an eight-mission tutorial campaign, and you can play as either the Blue or Gray in any of them. There are only eight different units to choose from including musket infantry, rifled musket infantry, cavalry, and more.

  • 8 Mission Tutorial Campaign
  • 3 Mission Opening Shots! Campaign
  • 4 Mission Conflaguration! Campaign
  • 4 Mission Total Resolve Campaign
  • Includes battles based on historic events.
  • Play the missions as either Union or Confederate.
  • 8 Unique Civil War Units:
    • Infantry with Muskets.
    • Infantry with Rifled Muskets.
    • Artillery.
    • Generals.
    • Dismounted and Mounted Cavalry.
  • Changeable unit formations and tactics.
  • Generals can attach to units to increase morale.
  • More capable Veteran units and unreliable raw units.
  • 3 difficulty settings.
  • Detailed Combat Analysis.
  • Flank Attacks
  • Map Zoom
  • Strategic Movement.

Civil War: 1861 uses HexWar's older engine, meaning that it's only available on Mac and iOS Universal. It's $5 for the former and $2 for the latter. 

A version of this story originally appeared at Pocket Tactics. 



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