HexWar set to tackle pike and shot with just released Fire and Fury: English Civil War

11 Feb 2016 0

Every time I see a new press release from HexWar come in, I get excited. Will this be news of a a 1775: Rebellion release? I’ve been playing the cardboard version quite and bit and have somewhat fallen in love with it. In other words, HexWar can’t release it quick enough. Today I received a press release from HexWar and though it wasn’t for 1775: Rebellion, it focuses on another period that catches my fancy, the English Civil War. I’d like to say it tickles my fancy because of the interesting politics or tactics of the era, but it’s really because one side was known as the Roundheads which still makes me giggle like a 12 year-old.

Fire and Fury: English Civil War is HexWar’s latest, and it was released last night for iOS Universal and Mac. It’s standard HexWar fare, using the same engine we’ve seen recently in games such as Civil War: Pea Ridge. This one puts you in the boothose of either the aforementioned Roundheads or the Royalists and let’s you fight on either side over 2 campaigns set in 1642 and 1644. There is also a 7 mission tutorial campaign included. To fill those campaigns, you’ll have over 30 unique units from the era of pike and shot which is an era that we tend to love around here.

Fire and Fury: English Civil War is available now for iOS Universal and runs $2.

This article originally appeared on Pocket Tactics.



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