HexWar shrinks the Eastern Front

By Dave Neumann 03 Dec 2015 0

Analyze this.

When HexWar first launched Tank Battle: East Front back in early 2014, they had a unique strategy: release expansions as separate apps instead of via IAP. Thus, over the next few months we were hit with Tank Battle: East Front 1942, 1943, etc. as separate releases. It wasn’t a bad decision, it removed the spectre of looming IAP from the original game and each game was big enough to enjoy its own address on the App Store. Today, HexWar has repackaged the series into one, much cheaper package simply called Tank Battle: East Front.

Tank Battle: East Front contains all the content from the original game, with the rest of the titles available via $1/each IAP. With the reduced price of the main game, that means you can get all of Tank Battle: East Front for half of what it would have cost you to buy each app individually. Other than the price drop, you’re getting pretty much what you’d expect. The base game has a 7 mission tutorial as well as two campaigns and each expansion adds a separate 8 mission campaign. All the missions are playable as both the Germans or Soviets and there are about three gazillion [by which Dave means 100 -ed.] different units with which you can, to quote the military advisor from Civ 2, go bonk some heads.

Andrew Mulholland of HexWar told me that the shift in App Store strategy should help introduce the game to people at a lower price. He also mentioned that the existing Tank Battle: East Front games will be leaving the App Store, but they intend to keep supporting them in the future should they need to be patched due to iOS shenanigans.

If you haven’t picked up the series yet, or want to complete what you’ve started, Tank Battles: East Front is available for iOS Universal here. You can also purchase the entire Tank Battle: East Front (including all the expansions) on Mac for $15.

This story originally appeared at Pocket Tactics.



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