HexWar taking a trip to IWO next week on PC/Mac and iOS

By Dave Neumann 09 Dec 2015 0

HexWar is going to have a busy December, but we'll only hit you with what they have coming up next. Coming next week is a port of Decision Games' solitaire game, IWO: Bloodbath in the Bonins and covers the Allied invasion of Iwo Jima. 

IWO is a solitaire game, so there's no AI or multiplayer to speak of. What we do have is a lengthy campaign that covers the entire invasion from Feb. 19 to Mar. 22, 1945. The game will allow you to control the US forces during the attack, and all vehicles will be re-created in accurate 3D models. Don't like 3D? They've included an option that switches the game to resemble its hex-and-counter cardboard ancestor.

For dopes like me, the game will have a full tutorial as well as in-game tips. In a strange move for HexWar, it appears that IWO will be coming out for PC as well as Mac and iOS, their usual platforms.

Look for IWO to hit next week, but while you're waiting take a gander at the trailer.



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