HexWar's latest, Assault on Arnhem, due to release tomorrow

24 Feb 2016 0

HexWar‘s latest, Assault on Arnhem, might look like any other wargame (although it doesn’t look much like a HexWar wargame) but it’s got a little more going for it. Namely, online multiplayer, something that HexWar has never attempted before. It’s not just online multiplayer, it’s cross-platform online multiplayer. So, when Arnhem releases later tonight or tomorrow for PC/Mac and iPad you’ll be able to challenge anyone with a copy to a game.

Assault on Arnhem focuses on Operation Market Garden, the failed Allied assault that lasted eight days in September of 1944. Arnhem has only four scenarios, concentrating on the multiplayer game rather than lengthy single-player campaigns. The scenarios are Grave, Nijmegen, Arnhem, and Operation Market Garden. So far I’ve only played the Grave scenario and, like every damn wargame I ever boot up, have had my ass handed to me.

The game uses a fog of war mechanism such that you can only see what your troops can see. This makes my favorite hobby, walking into ambushes, incredibly easy to accomplish. It gets worse at night, when your units’ line of sight is shorter than Kelsey’s temper when confronted with tower defense games. I think the Axis is supposed to suffer the same shrinking LOS, but nighttime still sees them blowing up my units real good.

Speaking of units, Arnhem is the first HexWar game that I’m aware of which uses NATO symbology on counters. You can toggle it off if you like, but I like to use the confusion that the symbols bring as an excuse for ineptitude.

Watch for Assault on Arnhem to hit for both PC/Mac and iPad tonight or tomorrow. The iPad price will be $5 with PC/Mac $10, and you can download it here for iPad and here for PC/Mac when it goes live.

A version of this story originally appeared at Pocket Tactics.



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