Slitherine to face off against the Pentagon in WW3 simulator ICBM

By Joe Robinson 01 Oct 2020 0

As much as DEFCON is an iconic wargame, I’ve never thought that - in 2020 of all years - we’d need a modern reimagining of a game about nuking civilization into the stone age. But hey, Slitherine’s ICBM wants to offer us the WW3 simulation we deserve, so here we are.

In true fashion the UK-based wargames company hasn’t revealed just when ICBM is going to be released, but you can see the game in action today if you want as a group of developers face off against the Pentagon’s Wargame Team. We’ve always wanted to see the American defence policy put to the test.

This 4v4 missile-fest kicks off at 3pm BST today on Slitherine's Twitch channel-- which is right now, actually -- but if you miss any of the action the archive steam will be available after the fact.

Here’s the feed embed if you want to watch it here:

And here’s the official summary of the event:

Two teams of four players each will face off against each other. They will have access to 20 unit types, 12 nuclear weapon types and 44 different technologies. They will need to carefully deploy, develop and be decisive to win the Third World War. ICBM is a fast game (half an hour is normally enough to send the world to the stone age), so one of the teams should "win" in less than one hour.

ICBM is due out before the end of the year apparently, but will also be available to play on Steam with a special demo that will be released next week between October 7th and October 13th. This demo should have multiplayer. Here is the official features blurb if you wanted to know more about the game:

  • High replayability. Adjust the game settings and play a custom match anytime.
  • 20 unit types and 12 nuclear weapon types to use.
  • Up to 8 players multiplayer mode.
  • Single-player mode.
  • Research 44 technologies.
  • Co-op and competitive multiplayer
  • Full modding support

We might look into this game for some pre-release coverage, but if not we'll definitely get a review done when the time comes. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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