It's Monday, who wants to play Victory and Glory: Napoleon for free?

04 Apr 2016 79

Another week, how's about another giveaway? This week we have several codes for Glenn Drover's tabletop-esque Victory and Glory: Napoleon. Why tabletop-esque? Because it plays very much like a boardgame and is actually making its way to cardboard later this year. It's available for PC now, however, and we have ten free Steam keys to give away.

The PC version of Victory and Glory: Napoleon puts you in control of the titular emperor while the enemies of France (everyone else) is controlled by the AI. The game covers the entirety of the Napoleonic Wars from 1800 to 1818 and has nearly 100 "event" cards which are randomized each game, making it infinitely replayable.

You're probably wondering how you can get your hands on one of these codes. In the comments below, include the phrase "I want Victory and Glory: Napoleon now!" and I'll private message you a code in the next day or two. You have to use those exact words (I recommend cutting and pasting), or it will slip to the next commenter.

Good luck, and check your inbox for that code!



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