John Tiller Software - Modern Campaigns - FuldaGap '85

By Nik Gaukroger 09 Jul 2015 0

John Tiller Software have yet again released a new title with minimal fanfare. This is an Android game (one of the few strategy games on the platform) and is based on the Fulda Gap ’85 PC game.



You can find it on the Play store. 

“This release includes 14 scenarios from the Fulda Gap '85 PC game where you play scenarios as either the Warsaw Pact or NATO commander against an AI opponent.

Modern Campaigns is a detailed turn-based simulation of operational warfare after World War II through until present day. It includes detailed rules and combat resolution but has a simple interface that allows the player to focus on strategy and tactics. A wide variety of unit types are represented including infantry, tanks, artillery, and engineers. In addition, modern warfare is addressed in this game engine including chemical and nuclear warfare, electronic warfare (signal intelligence and jamming), and thermal sights.

While this version of Modern Campaigns will run on large-format Android phones, it is best on an Android tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.”



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