The John Tiller Software Summer Sale starts tonight

By Ian Boudreau 30 Jun 2020 1

Remember that John Tiller Software sale we mentioned earlier this month? Well, here's your reminder that it begins tomorrow. Through July 19, everything in the JTS catalogue that's more than a year old - and that's the majority of it - is marked down to a flat $29.95. 

As Joe mentioned in the earlier post, sales on John Tiller Software titles are fairly rare, although this is the second one the studio has run in the past six months or so. Still, there's no telling when they plan on running another event like this, so it's a good opportunity to save some money if you need to fill out your library or want to try out the JTS system for the first time.

Japan '46, Campaign Shenandoah, Wolfpack, Wellington's Peninsular War, and Serbia '14 are the titles that are excluded from the sale, but it sounds as though everything else will be marked down (generally from $39.95) to $29.95.

There are no order minimums to receive this pricing, and you can come back as many times as you wish during this time period to get the same pricing. The Store will be updated by midnight June 30th to reflect the new prices. Enjoy!

JTS covers a wide range of historic conflicts, and it has a fairly decent array of modern warfare games as well. There's almost certainly something in this sale that will appeal to your particular taste. And of course, looking doesn't cost a penny.



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