Journey To The West - Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Now In English

By Alex Connolly 07 Jul 2016 0

Following in the footsteps of Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence -- which, incidentally, we found rather fascinating -- comes a tardy but no less welcome localisation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, available today in America and tomorrow in Europe.

Last year’s English version delivery of the Sengoku showdown must have paid dividends for the doyen of Japanese grand strategy. Sphere of Influence took a whole two years to make its way West, but the thirteenth installment of the esteemed Chinese historical grand strategy hit (or will hit) our collective shores a mere six months after its launch in the Home Islands.


And why not celebrate across the hemispheres? The series celebrates its thirtieth birthday this year, and given we’ve only had ten years between drinks, now is the time to crack open the baijiu and get sideways in a frisson of character-centric strategy only Koei seems to peddle.

The Wargamer review will be up within the next week or so, so hold on to your mustard turbans and sit tight.

Editor's Note: It's also having a 'Midweek Madness' on Steam right now where it's exactly 17% off. At time of writing it is £41.49 in sterling, we need to check other prices.



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