JTS has updated the entire Napoleonic Battles series with true 2D Zoom

By Joe Robinson 11 Sep 2020 0

Since the end of August, the developers over at JTS have been releasing a series of updates for their Napoleonic Battles series of turn-based wargames. The first ones to be updated were Campaign 1814 & Campaign Bautzen on August 21st, with Campaign Marengo, Republican Bayonets on the Rhine & Wellington’s Peninsular War being the most recent on September 4th.

The updates vary from game-to-game but one of the common threads is bringing ‘true’ 2D Zoom to the games as well as improving the 2D graphics in general. These are features from newer JTS/WDS games that they’re now back-porting to some of the older games. You can go to JTS’ main update page here to look at the change-logs for all of the Napoleonic games.

Some are longer than others, some games have had follow up mini-patches, some haven’t.

The Seven Years’ War, from the Musket & Pike series, also received a small update on September 3rd that brought in the true 2D Zoom. Here are the patch-notes:

Changes for The Seven Years War V1.04
- Added 3D Units by Mitchell Nolte.
- Added 11 new 2D icons to more easily differentiate unit types at a glance, credit Steve Trauth
- Movement Threat Disorder optional rule introduced.
- Added Withdraw feature to the Scenario Editor.
- Added Emplaced artillery.
- Added "true" 2D Magnified view for greater graphics clarity.
- Added support for custom 3D maps in the \Maps sub-folder.
- Added support for 7 armies, instead of 5, in any given scenario.
- Changed the way Division Colors display on the counters.
- Special thanks to Paul Hill for graphics assistance.
- Fix for supply wagons not being able to move.

Speaking of JTS, Wargame Design Studio were supposed to be working on something special, so hopefully we’ll hear from them soon as well.



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