Jumpin' Jack flash(point): Flashpoint Campaigns Gets New/Old Expansion, Germany Reforged

By Dave Neumann 13 Nov 2015 0

 And I thought Brass was a heavy game.

And I thought games like Brass and Agricola were complex.

I'm need to make a confession. When sitting down to write this article, my first on the hallowed bits that make up Wargamer.com, the biggest issue for me was "do I title the article with a pun or some other wordplay?" After a lenghty inner discussion that would have made Gollum envious, I decided that a little silliness wouldn't be a bad thing, so I went for it. Unfortunately, the only thing I could come up with is the abomination you now see perched atop this article. Not the best first impression, to be sure.

My incompetence aside, lets get to the business at hand. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm is an award winning game from On Target Simulations which uses an alternate history to do the impossible: make the 80's even more terrible than they already were. Yes, instead of horrors like sweaters with shoulder pads and the Safety Dance, these 80's are filled with the horrors of a new World War that erupts from the powder keg of central Europe. Many of you might not be aware that Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm was a sequel to an earlier game from 2005 called Flashpoint Germany. On Target has taken all that old material and polished it up to our modern standards and released it as a new expansion called Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged

Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged includes 17 new scenarios with 43 variations as well as the original four maps from Flashpoint Germany completely recreated with new graphics. The maps are all hex-based now, instead of the original grid-based, and there's even a new giant map that's 40x30km instead of the older 20x15km maps.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged is available right now for PC, and to celebrate the launch, you can currently grab it for $10 off the normal price. You can grab the Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm for only $40, or a bundle containin Red Storm and Germany Reforged for $50. If you already own Red Storm, the expansion is $18 on its own. Pick it up from either Steam or directly from Matrix Games

After the break, check out about an hour of gameplay of the new Germany Reforged expansion.



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