WW2 deck builder Kards announces release date

By Sean Martin 07 Apr 2020 3

Back in January, Joe wrote a fair amount about a deck builder he referred to as Hearthstone with WW2 feel, and that's a pretty good description for what Kards is, a card game which purposefully eschews the typical fantasy setting in favour of something more historical. Kards, the WW2 card battler, has now been given a release date of April 15th. 

For anyone who's curious, in Kards, you build a deck based upon one of five major powers active in WW2, using units from a selection of infantry, tanks, artillery, and aircraft. Each have their own function on the battlefield; some are based around supporting friendly units, while others are all about blitzing the enemy. 

This is all rounded off with a wonderfully vintage art style, and a set of brilliant battle animations when you play each new card. Kards also currently has a tentative release date for Android and iOS in Q3 this year, which is great, as it's the perfect kind of game to be played in bouts on mobile.

The game's ongoing developmental roadmap also promises free expansions and events, as well as new card sets, game modes, and tournaments. All players who own the game in Steam early access will also be rewarded with a special 1939 Games award kit with a special in-game item and some other valuables.

During its time in early access, Kards has had a pretty popular reception, and honestly, I'm quite excited for it. The combination of WW2 and deck builder, as well as the vintage art style, feels more reminiscent of old cigarette cards, which in many ways were the first collectibles of their kind. If this sounds like your sort of thing, Kards will be launching on April 15th, and you can find it currently on Steam.



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