Kiith Kit DLC Coming for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

By Alex Connolly 21 Mar 2016 2

2016 kicked off for real-time strategy fans in very fine fashion. We loved Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak at the Wargamer FOB, and I daresay it'll be on the docket come December Game of the Year discussions. If you're chasing a large part of what makes the prodigal third outing of the venerated series so special, stir up some Tang and sit back with our exclusive Blackbird Interactive interview. But enough of the past. Onwards to the future, with Deserts of Kharak's first DLC pack hitting digital shelves this week.  

The Kiith Soban Fleet DLC looks to jazz up skirmish and multiplayer with a fresh take on a few conventional Coalition vehicles seen prior. I've had few sessions in the sandbox with Kiith S'jet's high-tech comrades-in-arms, and while the pack won't win over the ambivalent, six-odd bones for a clutch of gorgeous new variants and abilities is compelling if the sand stayed between your toes.

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New voicework, designs and textures herald the Soban fleet, with the command carrier sporting a inclined prow and armoured tread skirts. Where the Kapisi itself suggested a rolling Pacific flattop, the Soban carrier looks to infer lines of a modern wheeled IFV; a sort of gargantuan Stryker or Puma. Eschewing rail-driven point defense in place of conventional cannons, sporting a logistics module that can deploy slow fields and an area-of-effect anti-vehicle microwave emitter, the Soban command carrier has teeth. 

The Soban Battlecruiser does as its mother-carrier in switching out the small caliber weapons systems for dual rail-guns, offering lower rates of fire for a harder punch. Sporting an altered cab, the Baserunner can fire off an EMP that temporarily disables enemy weapons, with the tracked Rail-gun now able to paint targets, upping the damage assisting units do to the unlucky machines downrange. Given Deserts of Kharak is not a game with extensive faction-specific motorpools, these small wrinkles go much further than you'd expect. If anything, the Soban feel a little closer to their deep-desert Gaalsi agitators. It's an interesting place to be.

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This all coincides with a new patch that straightens out a few kinks regarding camera, and adds a replay mode for the purposes of evaluation and industrial-grade screenshotting. 

The Soban Fleet addition to Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is certainly welcome. My only hope is that this will eventually pave the way for single player expansions. Unless there's a drastic or inspired overhaul to the multiplayer, I can't see faction-related kit hooking those beyond those already invested. Certainly not unless it's eventually folded into a greater campaign expansion pack. Let's hope that is the case. 

The Kiith Soban Fleet DLC pack drops March 23rd



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