Kings of War: Vanguard Beta Rules Available

By Joe Robinson 13 Feb 2018 0

Even though we're little more than interested observers right now as far as the table-top wargaming world is concerned, we've still noticed the rise of 'skirmish'-level wargames. Table-top games that favour smaller groups of units for quick, more dynamic matches.


Martynas has looked at a couple for us already - SAGA, for example, as well as the WarmaHorde spin-off Company of Iron. Mantic Games, the creators of Kings of War, are on the way to release their own - Kings of War: Vanguard.

We don't know much else about it other than what's been officially put out, but yesterday Mantic released the Beta test version of their Vanguard rules for people to get stuck in with.

The beta rules along with the test scenario can be found on this blog post, if you want to take part. The company are concentrating on balancing out the basic army lists for each of the fourteen factions for the moment, which you can also download from that post.

The main rules are more-or-less locked in, so there won't be any big, sweeping changes from this point.

Kings of War: Vanguard was successfully funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $272,409 and is due to ship around November 2018. Late pledges are available via BackerKit until the end of February 2018.



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