Korea: Forgotten Conflict Developer Diary #3

By Scott Parrino 28 May 2003 0

Editor's Note: Game Designer Michael Lekovski of Plastic Reality is writing a periodic column on his team's experiences as they go through the development of their upcoming game, Korea: Forgotten Conflict. The first article and second article were published earlier, and this is the third.

Diary #3

Again, too much work and so little time. Welcome to 3rd issue of the developer's diary in which you will get the very latest information about the squad based real-time strategy known as Korea: Forgotten Conflict.

As many may have already noticed, the new trailer for our game has been released, and it can be found at koreaforgottenconflict.com. We are all happy that the video trailer has been so well received by the gaming community. We want to thank you all! In email messages received after the release of this video, there was one common question, which was whether the realistic weather will have a real impact on gameplay, or is it only a cosmetic feature that only supports the visuals presentation of the game?

Weather is a 'playable' immersive element in Korea: Forgotten Conflict, and therefore plays an important role. Weather plays a role as a playable element, as a graphic feature, and last but not least as an atmospheric feature. Its usage is universal. The weather feature will have an impact on enemy behaviour, for instance in fog the visibility of enemies is more limited than it would be on a sunny day. Obviously with fog it will take a longer time until the enemy soldier recognizes the player's character. In case of thunder, the ability to hear is restricted when there is a loud crack of thunder; therefore if a shot is synchronized with the thunder sound, the enemy does not hear you.

There is a similar effect with snow, which may have an impact on enemy soldiers and their dogs which could be very dangerous for the gamer. For a realistic fog effect, which is also used as chemical weapons effect, we use a special volumetric fog. As mentioned before, the surroundings in Korea: Forgotten Conflict is fully 3D, and therefore the fog effect is also 3D.



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