Last Call: Old School Tactical & Final Act Kickstarters

By Joe Robinson 26 Aug 2016 0

Kickstarter has proved to be a great thing for boardgames, and wargames are no exception. Whilst boardgame Kickstarters have their fair share of failures and dodgy projects, so far the genre has managed to prove more stable than other kickstarter areas, at least in my own experience.

Since it's the weekend (and maybe even payday for some of you), we thought we'd highlight a couple of projects who wrote in asking for help. As always, please appraise yourself of the risks and dangers with backing something via Kickstarter.

Old School Tactical Vol. II: West Front 1944-45

These guys wrote in to ask our help promoting their current Kickstarter, which is the second volume in their 'Old School Tactical' line of wargames. A fast paced game for two players, it involves all kind of units, from tanks and artillery, to soldiers and machine guns. Here's an extract from their Kickstarter page:

Two players contest each scenario using counters representing the soldiers, guns, and vehicles that fought these desperate battles. On each turn, play goes back and forth between the sides as Impulse Points are spent to enable a player's forces to act. When the battle is over, casualty and victory points are tallied and a victor is declared.

The project is already funded, which it managed in 36 hours, but they'd still like a little extra push to help with some stretch goals. At the time of writing, there was 5 hours to go, so you better be quick!


Final Act - Tank Commander Tactics Game

This is another two-player skirmish game, this time focusing just on Tanks. Final Act puts you in charge of a Tank Commander, and two platoons of armoured tanks, with the sole objective being to try and get one tank to the other player's side of the map, their “last line of defence”. It uses a secret orders mechanic with dials, and some pretty nifty looking miniatures.

The project still has 4 days to go, but they are only at $16,000 out of a $20,000 goal, so they're looking for that final push. Even if you don't back, we definitely recommend you check out the project just to see how they've done it, it's quite cool.

Remember, we're checking out the Strategy UK show this weekend, so we should have something to report back next week.



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