Latest Expansion for Crusader Kings II Will Pillage Your Hours

By Wargamer Staff 26 Jun 2015 0

Paradox have now given notice of when the latest expansion to Crusader Kings II, Horse Lords, will be available for all you would be Genghis Khans to ride your ponies to world domination …


Horse Lords Ride Into Camp On July 14

STOCKHOLM – It is rather unlike hordes of nomadic invaders to stick to schedule, but the Horse Lords have told us that we can expect a rainfall of arrows on July 14. Horse Lords is the latest expansion for Paradox Development Studios’s much-loved grand strategy RPG Crusader Kings II and it will bring the hellfire of war on the steppes to glorious map-painting life on your desktop.

With a heavy focus on the Mongol and Turkic invaders of the Central Asian plains, Horse Lords adds an expanded map, new ruling systems for the fascinating culture of the nomadic tribes that changed the course of world history from the saddle. There are also some minor tweaks that will affect everyone, including the construction of temporary forts to hold an area in your control and introducing the Silk Road – the wealthy trade highway that ran from the Mediterranean to East Asia.



To celebrate the July 14 announcement, we’ve decided to release a few screenshots that show off some of the coming changes in the Horse Lords expansion. You’ll see some images of the new map, new cultures and new interface.

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