Legions of Steel - a First Look

By Nik Gaukroger 14 Jul 2015 0

Close to two years since we first came across Legions of Steel, the game is now close to release. Originally being crowdfunded developers Studio Nyx then moved into the Slitherine stable which has led to some very big changes in the game. Now we have a quick first look at the game just before it is released.

To give you some idea of just how much has been changed have a look at these videos that were made near the start of development, and then compare them to the screenshots below from the late beta we have had sight of.







OK, so the images are great but what do we think of the game so far. Well having only had our hands on it for a short time we’ve not exactly got into it in depth, however, we have had a run through the tutorials to get a feel for the game play at least on a basic level.

And so far so good is the simple message.

Graphics are really smooth even on a low end PC. Scrolling around the screen and zooming in and out caused no problems whatsoever. Look and feel is pretty subjective, but I think the imagery is cool. When you see the initial basis of Legions of Steel you can’t help but make a connection with Space Hulk, however, in look and feel and gameplay it is a very different beast.

The gameplay interface is easy to pick up and use. It has also clearly been designed to work as effectively on a tablet as it has on the PC, and although we only tried the PC version I can see that it will work well on a touch screen. Legions of Steel on PC can be driven entirely by the mouse but also uses the WASD and Q and E keys to scroll around the playing area and to rotate it if desired.

All in all I’m looking forward to getting time to delve into the meat and drink of the game with the real scenarios …



Also check out this short tutorial video from YouTube:




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